A Busy Saturday

It’s a weekend and people are supposed to take this day easy but my family is very busy today. Morning was hectic because my husband and my mom both have to go somewhere to take care of important matters. I was left in the house and took care of my daughter. I also have to make sure that me and baby is ready when my husband arrived at 2pm because we are scheduled to go to the hospital for Sophie’s checkup. She was given the 5 in 1 vaccine today. I am always a little anxious during immunizations because it is hard to see my daughter in pain even if I know it is good for her- but you khow what’s amazing?? My baby did not cry! I am surprised and happy because she is a brave baby!

This is a busy day and I am tired but I am still grateful because I feel so accomplished. As I wrote his my husband and baby is asleep and as I look at them, I feel the love I have for them – they are my life. . Now that I am mommy, I guess I have to get used to lots of busy weekends- and I have no regrets.


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