Explaining My Long Absence

I admit. I really have something to be guilty about! I can’t believe that I have neglected my blog for almost two months. What a shame! You see I have really been so busy and I also have to deal with terrible internet connection.

From the time that my maternity leave ended and I started working again, it seems like I always wanted to update my blog but alas there is always something that gets in the way. Like office work that needs to be done, baby stuff that Sophie needs, gifts that needs to be wrapped, some major decisions that I need to think about, part time work with a deadline, etc, etc, etc. I really really apologize for not being able to post a Merry Christmas greeting (makes me feel like a pagan).

I really had to juggle being a mom, wife and a career woman and it’s not so easy. But now more than a month after I went back to work and the holiday season is over, I seem to be getting the hang of it. I am now ready to get this blog running again. So I m back to the blogging world and I promise to be more diligent with my blog updates!


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