My 2010 New Year’s Resolutions

I have so many resolutions but let me share some of them now. I am making my resolutions known to the public so that I will be more obliged to keep them. Some people don’t make resolutions because they said they only tend to break them. I say: make them anyway- at least think of the things that will help you make your life better and resolve to apply it in your life. Maybe if you keep on making resolutions, there will come a time when you will be able to really keep it.

Here are my resolutions:

I want to be more gentle, patient and kind to my husband
(does it makes me seem like a monster wife haha). Well it’s because I think I have not been a very good wife last year as there are times when I am so irritable ( due to my pregnancy I guess) and I tend to vent it out on him.

I want to be a more diligent blogger.
I need to update my blog regularly and think of ways on how can I improve or promote it more.

I want to read more books.
Finding time to read books is a challenge nowadays. I have a number of books in my shelf (others are gifts, some I bought, others borrowed) which I still haven’t read. I want to find the time to read them all before the year ends

I want to go to mass regularly with my family.
I hope this one will be a breeze. I believe we have neglected our Christian duties last year and I am not so proud of them. We constantly need God’s guidance and protection and to show our gratefulness for all the blessings so it is a must for me.

You know I do make some resolution every year but don’t really take them seriously. This time, I am making one with the intention of keeping it. It is so so hard to keep a resolution so I am prepared to commit mistakes and stumble along the way. From time to time, throughout the year, I will go back to this post to remind myself of my promise.


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