Sophie at Mall of Asia

Sophie had a cough before she turned three months old and it was really stressful for me to see her sick. Aside from the steam inhalation or vaporizer, she still can’t take any medicine because she is still too small. My aunt suggested eucalyptus oil which Sophie can inhale by just dabbing a few drops on her shirt.

I did not use it because I personally don’t like the smell. It was much too strong for me. My mother said that we should bring her near the ocean so she can breathe the air from the sea which supposedly has healing properties. So one morning we brought her to the bay area of the SM Mall of Asia We were a little early because the bay area is still closed when we arrived. It opened around 6 am and going there was a good idea because it was such a nice place for the whole family.

There are groups of people exercising together, there are also some rides and play booths for children. The only flaw is that there are only two stalls that sell food and its only fries and hotdogs- not really for breakfast, not healthy and a little pricey. That is probably because most people brought their own food there.

Anyway it was a bonding time for us. This simple activity relaxed all of us and left us feeling refreshed. Here are some of the pictures from that beautiful morning


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