Have A Meaningful Holy Week

It’s the last day of work this week and some people who filed vacation leaves early are already enjoying their vacation. Well I am also leaving this office in an hour and hope to be able to enjoy the holy week break. My family plans to visit the province of my husband at La Union. Anyway, I just want to say that may we use this time to bond with our families. It is also a great opportunity to reflect on our lives and how much do we practice Christian ways. And even if fun and relaxation is what in most people’s minds now, hope we remember to pray and reflect on the real reason for this season.

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Happy To Serve Mother Earth

I have been aware of the Earth hour for several years now but my family never gets to participate in this event that aims to save energy because of various reasons. Sometimes we are not at home that time, we need to turn on the lights for an important errand that needs to be finished, or we simply forgot about it. But this year, my family participates in the Earth hour event for the first time.

My husband and I went to the church to attend the anticipated mass (6 -7 pm). Then when we got home, we immediately had dinner. Afterwards, I took care of other things so that we can turn off the light at 8:30pm without thinking of anything that still needs to be done. My mom and sister on the other hand made sure that Sophie is already sleeping.  At exactly 8:30pm we turned off all the lights in the house and we only use the beam of a small rechargeable battery (hope that’s alright) as we chatted and rest.

Most of our neighbors did not participate in this Earth hour, maybe because they are not aware of it or what it’s for. Even though there are more TV ads about Earth hour this year than the previous years, I think more campaigning is needed so more people can participate. Anyway, I am happy that even in a small way, in an hour that we barely even notice pass by, my family was able to do our share in making this world a better place.

Me and My Big Tummy

It’s been 6 months since I gave birth via c-section but somehow my tummy still swells. You know I gained a few pounds when I was pregnant and then gained a few more while I was on maternity leave. Now six months later, everybody is saying that I am fat.

I remember a few months after giving birth, I went to the mall alone and rode a taxi, and the driver remarked that I should be careful because I am pregnant. I tried hard to hide my embarrassment as I told him that I gave birth two months ago.

And then last week during my daughter’s baptism, I learned that some of the guests thought I am pregnant, even congratulating my husband because they thought we would have a child again. And then there’s this another time  when I took a liking at some of the blouses hanging in a Divisoria tiangge and the saleslady look at me and said that it would not fit me and then went to offer another blouse in bigger size.

Well, well, well I have never been figure conscious and for someone who is slim all her life, I welcome the extra pounds. But I know now how fat people feels and how it can be frustrating sometimes.

There are days when  I am bothered with my tummy and I wish it is not so large. My pre-pregnancy clothes are all too small for me now- or would fit but I look like a suman. Maybe I really need to start a diet or perhaps exercise so I can fit into my old jeans. But most of the time, I really don’t care. As long as my family is fine and my baby is healthy and happy - who cares about sexy clothes? 

Perfect Remark From A Perfectionist

I went to work today nervous. It is because I was not able to finish a task my boss gave me yesterday. It is a speech that he will deliver to a group of students the next day so I really need to finish it ASAP. It’s a good thing that I arrived early at work so I was able to polish my work a little more before emailing it to my boss. When my boss arrived, he immediately asked me if am through with the speech and I said that I have already sent an email.

My heart was pounding as I am half expecting that I will be reprimanded. I am actually waiting for my boss to approach me so I can make some revisions. But alas one hour had passed and still I hear nothing from my boss. You see all of us in the office know that my boss is a perfectionist, the one who always wants us to do our best. Even if the work is okay, he always look for ways on how we can further improve it.

So the comment I read from the email message he sent pertaining to my work was truly unexpected. My eyes grew wide and I smiled in relief and disbelief with this: Mela, Perfect! I like what you did!

Getting a perfect remark is difficult, but getting it from a perfectionist is even more!!! I laughed hard when an officemate who also read the email message actually congratulated me for it. I cannot believe that I just got a perfect remark from a perfectionist. No one is perfect but today I just feel like I am! It really made my day! 

I love Erasehreads!

The office internet is extremely slow this morning so while waiting for some pages to load, I decided to make this blog entry. The Eraserheads thing came up because one of my officemates is a big fan and to my delight he is playing their songs in his pc.

Listening to their songs brings back lots of memories. Yeah I am an idealistic, very naïve and in a way very dumb (lol) high school student who is about to enter college when the first album of Eraserheads came out.    

It was such a cool thing then to have an Ultraelectromagnetic tape (yeah it was before the time of cds and dvds hehe). And it was also a time when a lot of great Pinoy bands like True Faith, Alamid, After Image, Yano, etc. who creates original and meaningful music (unlike now when most popular singers sing revival songs) became very popular.

The songs also brings me back to my days at UPLB- when I would hear frat men playing their guitar and singing Ehead songs while I was lying in my bed in th dorm. It feels like a lullaby then. I miss those times!

I love almost all of their songs and I will always look at Ely Buendia with fondness. It was sad when the band decided to part ways. In a way it is like a point in time that one can never return to- maybe visit once in a while or reminisce but then the reality that it is forever gone remains.

When I was a student teacher in UPIS back in 2003, I was really shocked when one of my students said that they didn’t know E-heads and consider their song oldies! Oh how time flies! I can’t believe those kids! Anyway I will always be an E-heads fan and here are a few of my favorite E-head songs:

With A Smile

Shake Your Head 

Wishing Wells

Busy As A Bumblebee

In the midst of a seemingly ordinary Friday afternoon, it suddenly dawned on me --the reality that I am really so busy. My list of things to do is just piling up. I need to clean my work desk, need to get a haircut, need to study the materials my boss gave me, a couple of articles to finish, reports to do, things to research- plus stuff at home like doing the groceries, taking care of Sophie, etc.

Oh and I also need to update my blogs. I love working and know that having lots of things to do is a lot way better than having nothing to do. But of course I am no superwoman and there are days like these when I just feel so tired. Still I believe that I will be able to accomplish that everything that need to be done in time.
I just need to do it one at a time.

As the saying goes, tough situation don’t last but tough people do. But right now, my mind needs to shut down a little and rest. So in this Friday afternoon, I decided to give myself a little break and take it easy. Here is a list of things I do whenever I am feel laden with numerous tasks in the office:

Listening to music or radio on my pc or phone.
Right now I am listening to Monster radio at 93.1 and the music relaxes me. The banter of the DJs makes me laugh.

Quick Chat:
I say hello to some of my online friend via YM that I know is not so buy for a little chit chat. Of course, I limit our talks so it doesn’t get in the way of our work

Text Therapy.
I send a text message to my husband, mostly forwarded quotes. It just takes my mind off my work for a while

Pic Therapy. I will look at the various pictures of my daughter on my phone. No matter how tired I am, she never fails to make me smile.

Coffee Fix.I am not so fond of coffee but drinking coffee whenever I feel laden with tasks instantly perks me up. It awakens my sluggish mind and I feel alert in no time

Very Sad News

An officemate shared a news link to me via the office messenger and it got me upset. The news about a Korean couple who are so addicted with online games that their 3-moth old baby dies of starvation a made me so so sad today. My heart goes out to the baby who at her short time on earth experienced suffering and neglect. Just thinking how the baby must have cried of hunger is making me feel sick and almost teary eyed.

I can’t imagine how the couple had let that happen. How can someone be so hooked up with computer games to the point of forgetting about their daughter. What made it worse is that the parents spent 12 hours straight playing an online game where they are raising a virtual daughter. Oh the world is becoming so so weird - I hope nothing like ever happen again!

Here’s a link of the said news:

Sleepless Nights? Listen to Love Songs

I have always been a night person and sometimes I am visited with insomnia attacks Tonight is one of them. I am lying in bed but I am so restless as my mind can't seem to stop spinning. The house is so quiet and my husband and daughter are both soundly sleeping. My husband is one of those lucky people who can fall fast asleep the moment their backs touch the soft bed.

Anyway I felt like wasting time by lying there and staring in our ceiling that I decided to turn my laptop on. I said to myself that I might as well take advantage of this opportunity to do worthwhile things. I browse through my music files  to listen to love songs. It was a great idea because the songs are relaxing. The rhythms and the lyrics feel magical because it was a bunch of mushy love songs. Let me share some of my favorite love songs now.

Breathing by Lifehouse

In the Arms of the Angel by Sarah Mclahlan

My Love: Lionel Richie

The Last Time by Eric Benet

Happy Women’s Day

I am a woman and I am proud of it. A lot of men may disagree but I strongly believe that women are the stronger sex. I realized this when I got pregnant and then gave birth- the things that women go through makes them amazing individuals. It is not so easy to be a woman in this world dominated by men but women still excel. To all women out there: This is our day- Happy Women’s Day!

Learning To Be A Good Wife

I love my husband and like most people it is my dream to have a happy and peaceful family. Well after a year of being married, I just can say that it is really something that requires effort. Marriage is really a partnership and something that people who does not fully understand the word commitment should not enter to.

There are simply days when you would no meet eye to eye. There are issues and situations where your points of views just clash. The fact that we are two individuals that grew up in very different backgrounds doesn’t help. We are so much different in so many ways. I am stubborn and spoiled and have the tendency to insist on doing things my way while he is a guy who is considered to be the breadwinner and head of his family.

There are things that matters to him that I simply don’t understand and there are things that I consider important that he takes for granted. It is our love for each other and our daughter that in the end made us look past the differences. Marriage between two people who have the same interest and background is probably easier to manage- but who am I tell. They are still men and women living in the same roof and trying to build a family and according to the cliché- men are from mars and women are from venus.

Marriage has the potential to make you very happy but it requires great effort too. So my promise to my husband and to myself is to be a great wife. I am not finding it so easy but it’s worth the try. Besides my husband deserves it!

a compass was there to get you thinking

Four Gifts by Bo Sanchez

Bo Sanchez is really amazing; he was born to inspire people. Anyway a friend emails me this at a time when I am feeling a little down and irritated. The message lifted my mood and I consider it a blessing so I just have to share this to others.

Gift #1: Difficult people can teach you how to love, preparing you for Heaven!

You learn to become more patient, more understanding, more persevering.
You have pity for them because you realize that “Hurt people hurt people”
You learn to see the good qualities even among difficult people.
You learn how to be compassionate as God is compassionate.
You learn how to forgive, to remove bitterness from your heart.

Gift #2:Difficult people can teach you to protect yourself and learn to say “No” to abuse.

You learn to love yourself, respect yourself, by no longer allowing abuse.
You learn to be courageous and stand up against bullies.
You learn to give tough love—refusing his abuse again. It may be the most loving thing you can do for a difficult person.
You wizen up, learn tact, and learn how to distance yourself from harmful people.

Gift #3: Difficult people can help you get to know your weaknesses.

Difficult people remind you that you too could be difficult to others.
Difficult people teach you many important lessons in life. By seeing the tragic results of their actions, you’re inspired to do the very opposite of what they do.

Gift #4:Difficult people can bring you closer to God.

Difficult people force you to pray a lot. (“Lord, help! I can’t take it anymore!”)
Difficult people force you to trust in God. (“Lord, I give up! I’ve done everything but she’s still a monster…”)
Praying for difficult people may not change them, but YOU will.
“Your cross (difficult person) is your key to heaven…” St. Poveda
You realize that YOU are God’s difficult person—yet you’re still loved by God!

What’s Up

I am a little embarrassed to post a blog entry today. First because I have again neglected my blog for more than a month and second because the promise to update my blog regularly is part of my new years resolution and goals for 2010!

Oh I just presented another proof of how hard it is to keep a New Year’s resolutions. Anyway, who says I am giving up- 2010 is still very far from over so I am back and once again ready to keep this blog rolling.

So I’ve been away for months- what have I been doing? Well things are pretty hectic. There are so many things that need sto be done and I am a little overwhelmed at times. Office work seems to have doubled or even tripled and at home, a number of things also demand my attention. I will write all abot it soon. For now, I am jus hapy to be back. I miss blogging! Hope it missed me too 

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