Busy As A Bumblebee

In the midst of a seemingly ordinary Friday afternoon, it suddenly dawned on me --the reality that I am really so busy. My list of things to do is just piling up. I need to clean my work desk, need to get a haircut, need to study the materials my boss gave me, a couple of articles to finish, reports to do, things to research- plus stuff at home like doing the groceries, taking care of Sophie, etc.

Oh and I also need to update my blogs. I love working and know that having lots of things to do is a lot way better than having nothing to do. But of course I am no superwoman and there are days like these when I just feel so tired. Still I believe that I will be able to accomplish that everything that need to be done in time.
I just need to do it one at a time.

As the saying goes, tough situation don’t last but tough people do. But right now, my mind needs to shut down a little and rest. So in this Friday afternoon, I decided to give myself a little break and take it easy. Here is a list of things I do whenever I am feel laden with numerous tasks in the office:

Listening to music or radio on my pc or phone.
Right now I am listening to Monster radio at 93.1 and the music relaxes me. The banter of the DJs makes me laugh.

Quick Chat:
I say hello to some of my online friend via YM that I know is not so buy for a little chit chat. Of course, I limit our talks so it doesn’t get in the way of our work

Text Therapy.
I send a text message to my husband, mostly forwarded quotes. It just takes my mind off my work for a while

Pic Therapy. I will look at the various pictures of my daughter on my phone. No matter how tired I am, she never fails to make me smile.

Coffee Fix.I am not so fond of coffee but drinking coffee whenever I feel laden with tasks instantly perks me up. It awakens my sluggish mind and I feel alert in no time


Jayme said...

Hi Mela, hope you're having better days this week. I agree with the music and pic therapy. I usually have "girl power" songs on my Ipod for when I need a quick mood boost. If that doesn't work, my little angels' pics always make me happy too. :)

Rico said...

Ako din minsan nag music therapy to relax. Minsan I write. Kahit a few minutes lang ok na just to get new perspectives on how to tackle work.

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