Happy To Serve Mother Earth

I have been aware of the Earth hour for several years now but my family never gets to participate in this event that aims to save energy because of various reasons. Sometimes we are not at home that time, we need to turn on the lights for an important errand that needs to be finished, or we simply forgot about it. But this year, my family participates in the Earth hour event for the first time.

My husband and I went to the church to attend the anticipated mass (6 -7 pm). Then when we got home, we immediately had dinner. Afterwards, I took care of other things so that we can turn off the light at 8:30pm without thinking of anything that still needs to be done. My mom and sister on the other hand made sure that Sophie is already sleeping.  At exactly 8:30pm we turned off all the lights in the house and we only use the beam of a small rechargeable battery (hope that’s alright) as we chatted and rest.

Most of our neighbors did not participate in this Earth hour, maybe because they are not aware of it or what it’s for. Even though there are more TV ads about Earth hour this year than the previous years, I think more campaigning is needed so more people can participate. Anyway, I am happy that even in a small way, in an hour that we barely even notice pass by, my family was able to do our share in making this world a better place.


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