I love Erasehreads!

The office internet is extremely slow this morning so while waiting for some pages to load, I decided to make this blog entry. The Eraserheads thing came up because one of my officemates is a big fan and to my delight he is playing their songs in his pc.

Listening to their songs brings back lots of memories. Yeah I am an idealistic, very na├»ve and in a way very dumb (lol) high school student who is about to enter college when the first album of Eraserheads came out.    

It was such a cool thing then to have an Ultraelectromagnetic tape (yeah it was before the time of cds and dvds hehe). And it was also a time when a lot of great Pinoy bands like True Faith, Alamid, After Image, Yano, etc. who creates original and meaningful music (unlike now when most popular singers sing revival songs) became very popular.

The songs also brings me back to my days at UPLB- when I would hear frat men playing their guitar and singing Ehead songs while I was lying in my bed in th dorm. It feels like a lullaby then. I miss those times!

I love almost all of their songs and I will always look at Ely Buendia with fondness. It was sad when the band decided to part ways. In a way it is like a point in time that one can never return to- maybe visit once in a while or reminisce but then the reality that it is forever gone remains.

When I was a student teacher in UPIS back in 2003, I was really shocked when one of my students said that they didn’t know E-heads and consider their song oldies! Oh how time flies! I can’t believe those kids! Anyway I will always be an E-heads fan and here are a few of my favorite E-head songs:

With A Smile

Shake Your Head 

Wishing Wells


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