Learning To Be A Good Wife

I love my husband and like most people it is my dream to have a happy and peaceful family. Well after a year of being married, I just can say that it is really something that requires effort. Marriage is really a partnership and something that people who does not fully understand the word commitment should not enter to.

There are simply days when you would no meet eye to eye. There are issues and situations where your points of views just clash. The fact that we are two individuals that grew up in very different backgrounds doesn’t help. We are so much different in so many ways. I am stubborn and spoiled and have the tendency to insist on doing things my way while he is a guy who is considered to be the breadwinner and head of his family.

There are things that matters to him that I simply don’t understand and there are things that I consider important that he takes for granted. It is our love for each other and our daughter that in the end made us look past the differences. Marriage between two people who have the same interest and background is probably easier to manage- but who am I tell. They are still men and women living in the same roof and trying to build a family and according to the cliché- men are from mars and women are from venus.

Marriage has the potential to make you very happy but it requires great effort too. So my promise to my husband and to myself is to be a great wife. I am not finding it so easy but it’s worth the try. Besides my husband deserves it!

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