Me and My Big Tummy

It’s been 6 months since I gave birth via c-section but somehow my tummy still swells. You know I gained a few pounds when I was pregnant and then gained a few more while I was on maternity leave. Now six months later, everybody is saying that I am fat.

I remember a few months after giving birth, I went to the mall alone and rode a taxi, and the driver remarked that I should be careful because I am pregnant. I tried hard to hide my embarrassment as I told him that I gave birth two months ago.

And then last week during my daughter’s baptism, I learned that some of the guests thought I am pregnant, even congratulating my husband because they thought we would have a child again. And then there’s this another time  when I took a liking at some of the blouses hanging in a Divisoria tiangge and the saleslady look at me and said that it would not fit me and then went to offer another blouse in bigger size.

Well, well, well I have never been figure conscious and for someone who is slim all her life, I welcome the extra pounds. But I know now how fat people feels and how it can be frustrating sometimes.

There are days when  I am bothered with my tummy and I wish it is not so large. My pre-pregnancy clothes are all too small for me now- or would fit but I look like a suman. Maybe I really need to start a diet or perhaps exercise so I can fit into my old jeans. But most of the time, I really don’t care. As long as my family is fine and my baby is healthy and happy - who cares about sexy clothes? 


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