Perfect Remark From A Perfectionist

I went to work today nervous. It is because I was not able to finish a task my boss gave me yesterday. It is a speech that he will deliver to a group of students the next day so I really need to finish it ASAP. It’s a good thing that I arrived early at work so I was able to polish my work a little more before emailing it to my boss. When my boss arrived, he immediately asked me if am through with the speech and I said that I have already sent an email.

My heart was pounding as I am half expecting that I will be reprimanded. I am actually waiting for my boss to approach me so I can make some revisions. But alas one hour had passed and still I hear nothing from my boss. You see all of us in the office know that my boss is a perfectionist, the one who always wants us to do our best. Even if the work is okay, he always look for ways on how we can further improve it.

So the comment I read from the email message he sent pertaining to my work was truly unexpected. My eyes grew wide and I smiled in relief and disbelief with this: Mela, Perfect! I like what you did!

Getting a perfect remark is difficult, but getting it from a perfectionist is even more!!! I laughed hard when an officemate who also read the email message actually congratulated me for it. I cannot believe that I just got a perfect remark from a perfectionist. No one is perfect but today I just feel like I am! It really made my day! 


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