Sleepless Nights? Listen to Love Songs

I have always been a night person and sometimes I am visited with insomnia attacks Tonight is one of them. I am lying in bed but I am so restless as my mind can't seem to stop spinning. The house is so quiet and my husband and daughter are both soundly sleeping. My husband is one of those lucky people who can fall fast asleep the moment their backs touch the soft bed.

Anyway I felt like wasting time by lying there and staring in our ceiling that I decided to turn my laptop on. I said to myself that I might as well take advantage of this opportunity to do worthwhile things. I browse through my music files  to listen to love songs. It was a great idea because the songs are relaxing. The rhythms and the lyrics feel magical because it was a bunch of mushy love songs. Let me share some of my favorite love songs now.

Breathing by Lifehouse

In the Arms of the Angel by Sarah Mclahlan

My Love: Lionel Richie

The Last Time by Eric Benet


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