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I am a little embarrassed to post a blog entry today. First because I have again neglected my blog for more than a month and second because the promise to update my blog regularly is part of my new years resolution and goals for 2010!

Oh I just presented another proof of how hard it is to keep a New Year’s resolutions. Anyway, who says I am giving up- 2010 is still very far from over so I am back and once again ready to keep this blog rolling.

So I’ve been away for months- what have I been doing? Well things are pretty hectic. There are so many things that need sto be done and I am a little overwhelmed at times. Office work seems to have doubled or even tripled and at home, a number of things also demand my attention. I will write all abot it soon. For now, I am jus hapy to be back. I miss blogging! Hope it missed me too 


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