Building Our Dream House

After the wedding, my husband and I stayed at my parent’s house. We made that decision because the house that we purchased in Cavite is still being constructed. It is also more convenient because our house is closer to our workplaces. But since the house in Cavite was finished last November, my husband has been urging me to move into our own home. He wants us to be truly independent and really be on our own. Of course I also want that but I wan to take things slowly because you know, there are many things that needs to be fixed in the 2-storey house that we bought before we can really moved in and it entails a big budget.

But my husband’s eagerness is not waning so I gave in and we had started with constructing the house interiors but we are a little worried that our house floor plans may not be okay. Now, my husband is so busy looking in different websites for house plans and floor plans that we can imitate into our own home. It’s a good thing that I come across this website- a site that gives proud homeowners like me and my husband great ideas on how we can create our own dream house. I love the house designs in this website especially the cabin plans. I highly recommend this site to architects, architecture students, or simply a lot owner that are searching for fabulous house ideas.


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