Dreaming Of A Vacation

This year is definitely a challenging year for my family. For the first quarter, my husband and I found our hands full with so many tasks and responsibilities that we had no time for anything else. As of this moment, we badly need some rest and relaxation so it is no surprise that lately, we find ourselves thinking of spending a day or two on vacation. What I have in mind is going to one of the country's popular destinations with all-in vacation package. My husband who is yet to experience traveling on a plane or going out of the country welcomes the idea of course.

But (sigh), this idea for a vacation is a just a dream for now as we currently do not have the resources (both time and money) to afford such luxury. That is actually our goal for next year- to save up for a grand vacation. There are many vacation packages one can choose from but I guess it is wise to take advantage of early booking promotions offered by hotels and resorts.

In connection with that, it would be nice to visit Breezes Resorts at Runaway Bay Jamaica or Negril Jamaica as they are offering an “Early Booking Bonus. Early bookers can save up to $770 per couple on seven-night/eight-day getaways until August 31, 2010. Isn’t that great? So if you are looking for a vacation destination but don’t want to spend too much then I invite you to visit Breezes Resorts and get an early reservation so you can enjoy your vacation without burning a hole in your pocket.


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