Heart Wrenching Melodies

You know what, when I was nineteen, my heart was broken. I broke up with my very first boyfriend and even though It’s kinda funny (coz the reason for the breakup is really so childish) when I think about it now, I still remember that that was the first time I really experience a heartache. It is something that opened my eyes to the reality of pain and that life is not about fairytales. I was quite young, very naive and yes really stupid so I was torn and don’t know what to do. I was disillusioned and call me mushy but I really had a hard time trying to get over my first bf. I actually thought I would never be able to do so – but hey today my head would not even turn if I hear his name.

A song from Joey Albert, I Remember the Boy but I don’t remember the feeling anymore is so true! Anyway, aside from friend and family’s love, you know what helped me get over that heartache - songs! Yes heart breaking love songs that used to make me cry buckets of tears. I think I cry until I fell asleep and it helped me heal fast. You can cry all you want but you would soon realize that you simply cannot cry forever. So for anyone who might be broken hearted today, remember that no matter how bad you may feel today, it is alright- because it is not possible for you to stay that way forever. Here are the some of the songs that prick straight to my heart then.


Noboy Knows It But Me
I Know Him So Well

If You Walk Away


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