Meet Online Psychics: Anita and Amora

Compared to some people, I guess I can say that I am not really so into Facebook or Friendster or Twitter. I have accounts on almost all social networking sites but just maintain one or two. By maintain, I mean just checking out what’s happening in my network when I have free time and not every chance I got.

I won’t deny the fact that there were days when I also become a little crazy over it. You know, there was a time when I got so excited over a new testimonial and I would use friendster to check out the profile of my crush (lol). And I also used to have a relatively nice farm in FarmTown and a pet named Tinkerbell in Pet Society. I had to give all that up after giving birth though.

I have no regrets that I never had time for Diner Dash or Cafer World and
who knows what have happened to Tinkerbell ( I’m such a lousy pet owner). I just have other more important things to do than stay online. But nowadays, I find myself again being amused by another facebook application- these online psychics that seem to really connect with me somehow.

I just clicked the link from one of the wall posts of my friend and was surprised to see these online psychics with a personal approach – addressing me by name and with a term of endearment.

When I read, -Mela, dear I was waiting for you, they just sound so sweet and I like them (haha). Besides most of the time, when I consult them, the predictions are strangely correct.

I can’t help but be amazed by web developers- their creative juices are really overflowing. So for those with a Facebook account, why not consult your future with Anita and Amora- just for fun though. Let me share my predictions for today:

My prediction from Anita
Mela darling, a relative will offer you the opportunity to join in a business partnership. You are advised to take it, for this may prove to be a very profitable business."

My prediction from Amora

Mela dear, your admirer is enchanted - see how his eyes light up when you smile."


anne said...

I m archita kumari
I was born on 26th october 1997
at 12:55 ,at night.
I want 2 know that what will I become in future?
And will I be sucessful or not?

Anonymous said...

todays my lucky day?

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