Why I Was Not Given A US Tourist Visa

 I am doing an article now for one of the websites that we maintained and it is about US tourist visa. I am feeling a little twinge as I am writing because ironically, I am one of US tourist visa applicants who got denied. My experience in the US embassy more than a year ago came back today and well I want to just laugh about it- but somehow there’s still a bit of bitterness in me (haha).

I was interviewed weeks before my wedding and I think the real reason why I got denied is because I wrote in the form that I intend to stay in the US for six long months. Actually, the original form I did says that I will only stay for a month. But would you believe that a day before the interview, my sister who made me apply for the visa called and said that I should change it to six months. She is probably so excited and confident about my impending trip that she got carried away.

Unfortunately I was denied big time. One question and one look at my form and the consul said – I am sorry I cannot grant you a visa. The consul did not even bother to take a look at any of the documents I have with me. It felt like a slap in the face really. The fact that I have a two year old nephew in the US made the consul suspicious that I will go there to baby-sit, which is a form of work there. I am also so lucky to be interviewed in a window where the strictest and harshest consuls are- I think it was window 8.

I cried bucket of tears over that. I can’t believe how discriminating the US consuls are. I even think they are a bunch of idiots (forgive my word) because they got it all wrong. I mean I am someone who in all honesty has no plans of staying in the US for long and I was denied, while a college friend who applied for a tourist visa with the intention to be a TNT was given a visa!

Well in the end, it is probably fate. Maybe I am not meant to go to US that time. I would like to believe that everything that happens to me is really to my advantage (whether I am aware of it or not). I am not sure if I will be given a chance to be granted a US visa or if I would apply again. I would just let the course of time decide.


Rico said...

The dreaded Window 8. Wala namann yatang pinapasa yun eh. Apply na lang ulit!

Mela said...

thanks for the comment rico. well maybe i will apply for a visa again, maybe i won't. i will just leave it all to fate.

VisaSnap said...

A major problem with the US visa is that applications are discriminated a lot. Consuls do not give a damn to the fact that the applicant has bonafide intentions and will not stay for long or look for employment during his stay in the USA. An arbitrary approach to offer Tourist Visa to USA by US consuls have frustrated many and there are plenty of examples wherein candidates decided not to apply in future for the behavior they faced in their first attempt was unpleasant.

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