Alternative Love Songs

As an effect to the weird craving I mentioned in my blog post before, I suddenly remember the songs that I used to listen to during my college years. I love alternative and underground music- there’s something in it that is so beautiful, maybe the fact that it is not commercialized- gives it the magic of a hidden untouched treasure.

I get to appreciate these songs because I studied in a university full of radicals and activists and my sister is a fan of alternative rock music. She used to collects the tapes of bands such as Joey Ayala, Bagong Lumad, Yano, Buklod, etc.

I also get to enjoy these music during rallies and demonstrations in UP or during history class back then. I love almost all of the songs- but I remember that this one is my favorite- it touches my young heart then because the lyrics makes me feel the love of Lea for her husband. I wish there would be more songs like this:

Another nice love song from the Album and this one quite became popular before. This song made me cry once.


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