Glad I Saw It Too!

My husband and I are on our way home from the mall last Sunday when I noticed something different in the sky. It was a little past 6 pm and when I looked again, I saw a magnificent picture in the sky. The moon is in crescent shape and above it is a small bright star- which turned out to be Venus. The first time I saw it, I though there was a smiley face in heaven- only it lacks one dot or one eye. I excitedly pointed it out to my husband who was driving then.

In the morning at work, when I opened my pc, I saw that it was a news item in Yahoo Philippines. Many have also taken a picture and they posted it in Facebook. It’s funny because I thought I am the only one who had noticed it (how selfish of me lol). Well maybe if my husband and I did not go out that night, we would have missed it too so I am just glad that I saw it though I was not able to take a picture. That image made me smile on that beautiful night. Some speculates that is probably a sign or a symbol for something- whether a good or bad one no one can tell for now.


Mommy Rubz said...

This is what I missed. :(

It would be nice to have seen this. Thanks for dropping by my blog. :)

Mylene said...

Thanks for dropping by.

I hope I win the prize.

I've also seen this and was able to capture it too :) Here is the link: I was also happy when I saw this

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