Weird Craving

Must be an effect of the fact that I haven’t slept soundly in days and seem to be always running around to accomplish tasks- I suddenly remember something or more accurately someone. This is while I am trying to stay awake and alert in the middle of a busy work week.

I find myself wondering about a famous personality when I was in college- that was in UP Diliman. Out of a sudden, I wonder where that person is now and what is she currently doing. She once ran for the university council and won. She was a campus crush and I think her power lies in the fact that she is so different. You see she is a Muslim girl and she wears an abaya everywhere she goes. Her face looks like an angel and she is smart and can be funny too. She is striking but she wears no makeup at all so she looks so pure and natural. My fascination probably stems from the fact that I wanted to be like her.

I felt this urge to see her and know her whereabouts so I decided to search for her in Google only to realized that I had forgotten her name. That didn’t stop me because I tried all sorts of keywords until eventually I remember her name although there was very little info about her. Can you imagine, I almost spent one afternoon at work for that. Well I did saw her FB account but up to now she still has not confirmed me as a friend -what a snob (lol). I think she is currently working for a children’s center abroad. I also learned that she was a guest singer for an album of an alternative rock band and her voice was superb. Yes, I was able to download the song. Well the craving is really weird but I was glad that I was able to satisfy it in my own way. Besides it is also an exercise of my research skills (lol).


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