Ready in 10 Minutes

When I was still single, my standard preparation time in the morning is 1 hour- that is the quickest I guess. I don’t know why no matter how hard I try to move faster, it always takes me an hour to get ready. I just have so many essential things to do like blow drying my hair, putting on sunscreen, sometimes changing outfits until I find one that suits me the best.

It’s amazing how that one (1) hour was reduced to 10 minutes, even only 5 now that I am a wife and a mother. Yes, we are always on the rush in the morning and instead of fixing myself, I would be very busy washing the bottles and preparing the milk and food my daughter would need for the day. I sometimes complain that I want more time but I also don’t want to be late for work. Maybe I should wake up a little early but it can be so so hard.
Most of the time, I would fix myself up when I am already in the car and I would be satisfied with my look in less than 10 minutes. Oh on days when I am feeling like a rag, I console myself with the thought that this is part of my new life and I am not the only one who has experienced it. It is probably normal and a part of my adjustment period as a new working mom. So for single girls out there who still have the luxury of time in the morning to prepare herself up, all I can say is enjoy it!

How To Tweet Via Your Gmail Account

Do you have a twitter account? Well I do and I just discovered an easier way for me to send my tweets. You see I find it difficult to send my tweets before because internet in the office can be so slow at times, I cannot afford to open another window for Twitter.

Well it took me quite a while before I started to appreciate Twitter. At first I couldn’t understand what it’s for and I also find it a bit boring because I don’t have too many followers. What made me check it out every now and then are the celebrities I am following. Little by little I see that it’s a great source of instant news. You also get to know the celebrities better. So if you want to know what’s in at the moment or you want to send instant message to a celebrity then you must have a Twitter account. It’s also a great way to advertise something- though this one entails that you get many followers.

Anyway, by the time I get to appreciate Twitter, there are so many members already that I often get that overcapacity message and I can’t send any tweets. It was in the middle of my despair to that twitter message that I noticed that my officemate (who is addicted to twitter and FB) is sending tweets via gmail. Yeah she’s the one who taught me how to install Twitter gadget via gmail and I am grateful. I am now happily tweeting and since installing it have not encountered that error message yet.

Happy Tweeting!

Review of The Globe Tattoo Broadband

My husband bought me a Globe Tattoo broadband last year and since then have been using it when the need arises. You see, I don’t get to use it so often because there is always a free wireless connection in my place (yeah lucky me!) and also I find it a bit expensive and inconvenient to pay 20 pesos for 1 hour internet. I am always conscious of the time running and don’t get to accomplish much that way.

Well at first I found Globe Tattoo Broadband to be quite okay- speed is average since I am not really into downloading huge files. But I just noticed that there will be times when I would be connected but then would find it hard to open a website. To fix the error, I had to disconnect and reconnect again which would cost me 10 pesos already.

When an officemate informed that the Sun Broadband is awesome when it comes to speed, (probably because it is only available to Metro Manila residents and some parts of Cavite.) I wanted to try it and tried to have my Globe tattoo broadband unlocked but well compared to Smart Bro, it is very hard to unlock a globe sim so until now it is unlocked. I wanted a Sun broadband sim because they offer a one day unlimited internet so I am so happy when Globe starts to offer SuperSurf50 which would allow me to access 1 day of unlimited internet .

Unfortunately, the first time I tried it, it sucks. I mean, I can’t register to SuperSuf50. I tried to register all day one Saturday but all I got was a message to try again later.  

On my second attempt, I was able to register and get to enjoy speed of 3.6 mbps. I guess the trick is to register on off peak hours- around afternoon or morning I guess. But I still encountered a problem. Globe Tattoo gets so so slow around 9 pm onwards and I only get to reconnect again in the morning.

So far that’s my assessment. It’s not so satisfactory and I do hope their service would improve in time. Right now, I am still researching for ways on how to unlock it. (lol)

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