Ready in 10 Minutes

When I was still single, my standard preparation time in the morning is 1 hour- that is the quickest I guess. I don’t know why no matter how hard I try to move faster, it always takes me an hour to get ready. I just have so many essential things to do like blow drying my hair, putting on sunscreen, sometimes changing outfits until I find one that suits me the best.

It’s amazing how that one (1) hour was reduced to 10 minutes, even only 5 now that I am a wife and a mother. Yes, we are always on the rush in the morning and instead of fixing myself, I would be very busy washing the bottles and preparing the milk and food my daughter would need for the day. I sometimes complain that I want more time but I also don’t want to be late for work. Maybe I should wake up a little early but it can be so so hard.
Most of the time, I would fix myself up when I am already in the car and I would be satisfied with my look in less than 10 minutes. Oh on days when I am feeling like a rag, I console myself with the thought that this is part of my new life and I am not the only one who has experienced it. It is probably normal and a part of my adjustment period as a new working mom. So for single girls out there who still have the luxury of time in the morning to prepare herself up, all I can say is enjoy it!

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