Review of The Globe Tattoo Broadband

My husband bought me a Globe Tattoo broadband last year and since then have been using it when the need arises. You see, I don’t get to use it so often because there is always a free wireless connection in my place (yeah lucky me!) and also I find it a bit expensive and inconvenient to pay 20 pesos for 1 hour internet. I am always conscious of the time running and don’t get to accomplish much that way.

Well at first I found Globe Tattoo Broadband to be quite okay- speed is average since I am not really into downloading huge files. But I just noticed that there will be times when I would be connected but then would find it hard to open a website. To fix the error, I had to disconnect and reconnect again which would cost me 10 pesos already.

When an officemate informed that the Sun Broadband is awesome when it comes to speed, (probably because it is only available to Metro Manila residents and some parts of Cavite.) I wanted to try it and tried to have my Globe tattoo broadband unlocked but well compared to Smart Bro, it is very hard to unlock a globe sim so until now it is unlocked. I wanted a Sun broadband sim because they offer a one day unlimited internet so I am so happy when Globe starts to offer SuperSurf50 which would allow me to access 1 day of unlimited internet .

Unfortunately, the first time I tried it, it sucks. I mean, I can’t register to SuperSuf50. I tried to register all day one Saturday but all I got was a message to try again later.  

On my second attempt, I was able to register and get to enjoy speed of 3.6 mbps. I guess the trick is to register on off peak hours- around afternoon or morning I guess. But I still encountered a problem. Globe Tattoo gets so so slow around 9 pm onwards and I only get to reconnect again in the morning.

So far that’s my assessment. It’s not so satisfactory and I do hope their service would improve in time. Right now, I am still researching for ways on how to unlock it. (lol)


chronorook said...

buti na lang nabasa ko muna e2 bago mag pa -tattoo nyahahah!!!..sun na lang kaya?

Mabel said...

hi there. thanks for the comment. well i am not recommending sun since the speed daw also depends on one's area. right now, i am still using globe tattoo and for some reason after doing this review,i noticed an improvement in its speed hope it stays that way.

Anonymous said...

grabe talaga! noon ok pa ang globe tatto ko pag mag camfrog ako di pa magpupause ang video pero nong lumabas na ang wifimax grabe!!!halos di na magalit ang globe tatto ko nasa hotspots area yong bahay nmin tapat lng nmin ang tower ng globe.. kaya nag commview nlng ako libre pa.xD

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