How to Install Analytics In Your Site

My boss introduced me to Google Analytics years ago. It is very useful for webmaster and bloggers because it gives an in-dept report of your site’s traffic. I think every one who manages a website or is serious about building a high ranking blog must know Google analytics and what it is for. At first glance, analytics can be intimidating. The figures and the charts make it look so technical that one thinks it is hard to understand. In fact, it took me a while before I started to appreciate it. 

Google Analytics is very useful because it will let you know the number of people visiting your site, how long they stayed, where did they come from, the articles they browse, etc. Aside from that, you will also be able to monitor your site’s progress when it comes to traffic. In my opinion, it will pretty much tell you everything you need or want to know about the visitors of your site. 

Another nice thing about it is the fact that Google analytics is for free. To experience its benefits, all that you need to do is to sign up and install the analytics code in your site. Here’s a link to show you how to do it. 

Guide To Install Google Analytics in Your Site


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