Movie Review: Inception

When I came home from work one night, my sister told me that she saw the trailer of Inception and was really excited to see it because it seems to be such a good movie. I was intrigued so when my husband and I got a chance to watch a movie (yeah it’s so hard to find a time to go out these days), I suggested that we watch Inception. My husband wants to see Tekken but I got my way and was able to convince him to watch this Leonardo Dicaprio movie instead.

Well at first, I find it a little hard to understand the plot, probably because of the fact that I am really clueless about the story of the movie in the first place. When I finally got hold of the story, I was fascinated with the idea of the movie.

The story talks about how powerful one’s subconscious mind is and how active it is when one is dreaming. Of course almost all of the memorable scenes in the movie happened while the main characters are dreaming. The character of Leonardo and his team used Inception to enter the dream of a very powerful man and plant an idea in his mind. As they say in the movie, ideas are like virus so once it forms in one’s mind, it growth is unstoppable.

I find the story idea so unique and it made me remember philosophers such as Sigmund Freud. I really enjoyed it but you know what, my husband slept in the cinema and my sister who suggested it to me actually find the movie confusing. So this movie is probably not for everyone. It really is confusing; there are some scenes and characters in the movie I don’t quite get.  Actually, I did not understand the ending. Maybe I would appreciate it more if I can watch it again.

dtold me That is why


Inception Movie said...

Your husband wasn't the only one. I took my girlfriend to see this movie, and she's usually into stuff like Sex and the city movies. Anyway she complained the entire movie, but i for once share the same taste as you. Maybe i should have gone with you to see it :)

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