Simpy Sophie

My daughter is growing up so fast. She can now stand on her own and loves moving around. She’s not so fond of her crib now as she had discovered a much bigger playground outside it. At 10 months, she’s very active and wants to play all the time. She has funny gestures that would makes us all smile and laugh such as  pouting her lips as if she wants to kiss us. She also knows how to clap her hands now when I told her to. Sometimes she would make a sound as if she is singing and would wiggle her hand and body as if she is dancing whenever she hears nice music. 

One thing I would like to minimize about her is her fondness of television. It is obvious because she has favorite commercials. She would stop whatever she is doing (either crying or drinking milk) to watch, even smile and clap her hands whenever her favorite commercial airs.
We teased her about being a spoiled brat because she always demands that we give her what she wants. She usually gets her way by crying out loud. Of course, I can’t stand to see her crying so I am guilty of spoiling her.

Just the other night, while she was sleeping, I suddenly felt the urge to gently kiss her forehead. This is because I j just remembered a quote I once read in a magazine pertaining to this stage in one’s family life. The quote said--these are precious years, it will go by so fast. I just realized that I need to savor this moment with my child and to always be grateful for this wonderful blessing that God had given me. 


aira said...

hi, ganda naman po ng daughter mo tnx for sharing

Mabel said...

thanks aira :-)

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