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Aside from analytics, I discovered another google tool that can help one monitor his or her website- none other than Google Webmaster. Of course, it is again my boss who introduced me to it. I received an email from him with the instructions that I should monitor our various websites using the google webmaster tool.

So I opened our account at webmaster, saw reports of crawl errors and the search queries and keywords that the search engines associate with our websites. Then because I am quite confused on how to use it, I choose to forget about it. Until almost all of the websites I am handling experienced a drop in traffic and my boss demands that I provide an explanation for it. 

 I cannot find any explanation on Google analytics so I checked on Goggle Webmaster and that’s when I saw that there are so many crawl errors in our sites already. This is because of the recent changes that we implemented that affected the search engines.  Crawl errors such as page not found and 404 errors can really jeopardize one’s seo target. I seek the developer of our programmer and not long after installing a remedy, the traffic went high again and the crawl errors disappeared. I now know the value of webmaster and so I check it from time to time.


Mela said...

wow thanks peterhunt:-) your comment made me smile.

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