Effects of The Hostage Taking Incident

Almost three days after the grim hostage taking incident that shocked the entire Philippines and the world, the country and our citizens are now reaping the effects of this sad event.  What happened that day was really disappointing. I first heard about the hostage taking through my officemate around Monday morning. I paid no attention to it but then just before going home from the office, I saw many tweets that the hostage taking is still not over.

When I saw the news on TV, that’s how I became fully aware of the hostage taking and I felt frustrated knowing that it has been going on since morning. My husband and I ate dinner while watching the full media coverage. The clock is ticking and the police seem to be moving so slow. When the bus driver escaped and I heard him say on TV that everyone in the bus is already dead, I felt cold inside like I wanted to cry. It’s unusual for me to feel teary-eyed for incidents I see on TV but this time I just felt horror and deep pity for all the people inside that bus.

I can just imagine how afraid they are and to think that they only wanted to enjoy and relax. The incident ended tragically and now everyone is pointing fingers- the incompetent and untrained police, the full media coverage, the President for being nowhere while the hostage taking is going on

It is sad because the Philippines is again in a bad light allover the world especially in China. In fact there is already a Facebook fan page that condemns that Philipine government and the Filipino people for what happened. I hope this page gets banned soon and  hope that the Philippine police have learned their lesson this time.


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