Sophie’s 1st Birthday Is Coming Up!

After much thinking and weighing of pros and cons (yeah that is one of my weakness and I guess bad habit, the birthday venue of Sophie is set. It is going to happen at Jollibee Starmall Edsa branch next month.

My first choice is Jolllibee Maysilo near the Mandaluyong City Hall but I just don’t like the person that I got to talk to on the phone (laughs). So I transferred my sight to Jollibee Shangri-La. However the only schedule they have for September 4 and 5 is from 9 am to 11 am. I think that is too early for a birthday party so I tried Jollibee Starmall as a last resort. Luckily their schedules for Sept 4 and 5 are still so open. I immediately made a temporary reservation there.

Prior to that, I am choosing between Mcdonalds and Jollibee party package. I want to choose Mcdonalds at first because they have an ongoing promo for birthday packages but I chose Jollibee in the end because most kids love (adore) the cute bee mascot.

Having a birthday party at a fast food  resto saves me so much hassle. It’s a little pricey though as compared to having it at home. It is however a big convenience for busy parents so the Jollibee party package is perfect for us.

I am excited for Sophie’s 1st birthday. Hope it will be a fun, happy and memorable event. I will post the party packages of Jollibee next time! And by the way, here’s an invitation I made which I will send to my friends via email: 


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