Help War Veterans by Purple Heart Car Donations Project

My grandfather is a war veteran. He was a member of the USAFFE (United States Armed Forces in the Far East). Growing up, it was a source of pride for me to know that one of my ancestors is a hero. Too bad, my grandfather died during the war so I never got to know him. Even my father did not know him because he was still a baby when my grandpa died. But you know what; my grandfather was able to support his family through the pensions that he got as a benefit from being a soldier. So he remains to be a hero even after he died.

I think because of that I always seem to have a fondness for soldiers. I just look up to them because I know that their job is not easy. They are always ready to sacrifice their lives and leave for the sake of the government and the greater society.

So it is a must that veterans get the benefits they deserve. In USA, there is a project called Purple Heart Car Donations that aims to help war veterans through car donations . Though car donations, one will be able to help a better soldier because it will provide for their food, clothing and shelter.

 I wish  there would be programs like these in the Philippines. For those who want to help, do a great deed now and know how to donate your car.


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