Movie Review: Salt

I am not so excited to see this movie because I thought it would be too violent for me. You see I want to relax while watching a movie so I tend to choose feel-good movies. I watch it because I got curios about it. Have heard some rave reviews and an officemate said that it was indeed very good. It reminded me of another Angelina Jolie movie that I have seen and like which is “Wanted”.

So I went to watch Salt in my laptop (yeah another officemate was able to download it in the net lol). My expectations are low but I find it interesting the instant it starts. There is no dull moment in the film and the story is clear, simple and compelling. I think it would be good for people who want a break from a movie like Inception which is mind-boggling.

In the movie, Jolie plays the character of Evelyn Salt who is a Russian spy but is working for the CIA. She was raised to be a terrorist and she would be hunted by the authorities all throughout the movie. The movie is action-packed but it has a heart. The scene when Jolie jumped from a bridge and landed on a running truck shocked me while I was moved by the scene where Angelina looked down at her dead husband. This movie is highly recommended. And in the end, all I can say is that Angelina Jolie is drop-dead gorgeous and is a very good actress


Toothfairy said...

I loved Salt, I actually wanted to be Angelina after seeing the movie :P so cool hahaha

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