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I was not able to watch any episode of the Glee’s 1st season so I am actually clueless about the show. I just know that is somewhat like the High School Musical based from what I read in the news or heard from the conversations at the office. I got curious about it and really wanted to watch it but I didn’t find the time.

When it was revealed that Charice Pempengco is going to be part of the 2nd season, I said to myself that I need to watch Glee for me to understand what others are so excited about.  I bough a pirated DVD of the 1st season but guess what-I still have not watched it up to now (lol).

So last Sept. 22, I just waited for the 9pm telecast of Glee at ETC cable channel and watched it for the first time. It was a fun show, got interested with the storyline and the characters right away and I was entertained further with awesome songs and dance numbers. It was nice to see talented kids there including Charice. Seeing her there makes me feel proud as a Filipino and I love her version of the song Telephone by Lady Gaga.  I think part of the reason for the show’s success is the fact that they provide better and fresher versions of popular songs.

I also think I have a crush on Chord Overstreet or Sam Evans, the other newbie in the show. His version of the song Billionaire is way better than the original Travis Mc Coy version and I just hope speculations that he will turn out to be Kurt’s boyfriend on the show is not true. I am really looking forward to the next episode.

Here are my two favorite scenes on the show:



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