Sophie’s 1st Photo Session at Pic A Boo

We celebrated Sophie’s birthday on a Saturday (September 4) but her real birthday is Sept. 5. This is because I have allotted the day of her birthday for her 1st photo session. We woke up late that day (actually I woke up early) but everyone at home slept as much as they want probably because they are too tired the day before.) We had a late breakfast too.

I then arranged all of Sophie’s gifts in the living room and the cake from Red Ribbon and took pictures before we started eating the cake and opening the gifts. After that we hurriedly get ready for Sunday mass and it was hilarious because aside from Sophie I have three pamangkins to take care of that day.

We arrived at church just when the mass is about to be finished so we decided to wait for the next mass schedule. After that we went to Megamall in a hurry because our photo shoot session schedule was at 10:30 am and we arrived at 11am. I was surprised that Pic a Boo pala has many customers so they gave our slot to walk ins and we have to wait for 12:30. We just went to the Food court for a while.

Anyway, prior to choosing Pic a Boo, I did a little research on the net so I can avail the service of the best but affordable photo studio for babies. Well there are many excellent photo studios out there but I find almost all of them expensive.

My fist choice was Picture Company but their cheapest cost for printing is Php850  for an A4 size so that is equivalent to just 4 pictures. And I am not even sure if the 4 pictures will be four different poses. For non-members their photo session fee is 750. I find it so expensive so I tried Child’s Play.

The rates in Child’s Play are a bit cheaper than Picture Company but I am hoping I can get a photo studio that doesn’t charge for the photo session fee (parang sayang kasi). I was about to give in to Child’s Play when I saw Pic a Boo. Their shop in the 5th floor of Megamall is very nice and child-friendly.  They actually look expensive but to my surprise, they offer free photo session and their packages for printing starts as low as Php550.

Plus I think their people there are friendlier and it’s also a plus factor that babies can have up to three costume changes. The photo shoot session was a nice experience for the whole family. Sophie was not in the mood at first but then started to smile and pose after a while. After the shoot, I had a hard time choosing just 12 pictures (I chose the package for 12 pics) because I like almost all of them.

Overall, I would recommend Pic a Boo to all parents who are looking for a good photo studio for babies. I am satisfied with the quality of the pictures and I am very happy because I felt choosing them was a wise decision. Here are some of the pictures from Sophie’s 1st photo session.


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