A Super Delayed Thank You

I have wanted to do this post for a long time. You see, I have been blogging for some time but I still don’t have a badge. Why? Simply because I don’t know how to make one (laughs). You know, I am quite slow when it comes to technical stuff. There was even a time when I consider myself someone with technophobia. I just became comfortable working with thenet and computers when I started working for an IT company.

Anyway, this post is for a very nice blogger friend who volunteered to make a badge for me. He is none other than Andy of Chronos blog. He wanted to display my badge in his new blog but can’t find any codes to copy in my site so he offered to make me one. I was delighted when he e-mailed me the codes and it is now displayed in my sidebar. He is also a regular visitor to my blog so I am really grateful. So to Andy, you are one of the nicest blogger I have encountered. Again, thanks a lot and may your tribe increase.


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