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You know what, I am feeling like a teenager lately- like I wanted to be a high school student all over again. I just miss the feeling of having a crush in school and then hanging out with your best girl friends talking about anything at all. Time seems to stood still then as there is no need to hurry most of the time and almost no need to worry. Then we encounter minor sometimes silly problems and we feel like we are carrying world’s burden- These are the stuff that makes young life so charming.

Well, you might be wondering the reason why I am feeling like this lately. I know it sounds like I am having a midlife crisis. But thankfully not, I am too young for that (lol) The reason is because of the American show Glee!. Ever since I watched the first episode of its 2nd season, I am hooked.

I have watched the 2nd and 3rd episodes and I have also catch the few episodes of the 1st season.. I just fell in love with the story. I like Lea Michele- she reminds me of Ms. Lea Salonga whom I also look up to. And then after Sam Evans, I also have a crush now with the character of Finn and Puck.
Here are some of my fave clips:


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