Got My Free Blog Hosting and Domain

I am feeling lucky lately. One of the reasons is the fact that I finally got my free blog hosting and domain name. I made a post about this a few weeks back and my efforts paid off. It was so easy, I just made one blog post, gathered 7 comments and wow, WP Webhost  already gave me free blog hosting with domain name worth USD30.  I want to extend my gratefulness to WP Webhost for this wonderful giveaway!

Now all I have to do is create my own niche blog. I have actually registered a domain name already but when I entered the control panel, I was quite overwhelmed with all the technical terms I saw that I am not really used to. I felt at a little lost at first. But I did some research, viewed some wordpress tutorial videos, made some inquiries so I am slowly getting comfortable with it so I think my website would be up and ready in no time. Wish me luck okay. Hooray for my new website!


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