Review: SM Supermarket Salad Bar

When it comes to food, my husband is a healthier eater than me. While I mostly prefer chips and iced teas, my husband wants salad and buko juice most of the time. Since he really loves vegetables and fruits, the Salad Bar in SM Supermarket appeals to him. It’s that small area outside the supermarket where people can get a bowl and just choose from the selection of fruit and veggies to make a healthy, tasty salad. The price of your salad will be determined by its weight. We usually pay around 60 to 70 pesos per salad bowl. Well my husband seems to enjoy and I agree it is a tastier and a better snack than chips. But I just find it a little pricey. The salad counter only has melons, watermelons, pineapples, apples and sago so I think I can make a better and tastier salad at a much cheaper price. Also some of the fruit pieces are not so fresh.

I like the vegetable salad row better because for a small bowl, we can have a salad with lettuce, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, etc. I love the carrots as they are crisp and fresh. I always find the price reasonable even if one has to pay a separate price for the dressing.


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