Not Feeling Well

I really don't want to spread negativism but can't say Thank God it's Friday today. I am feeling so sad right now. My spirits are down and i feel like crying. Why? Well my boss got upset because of an unfinished task. I received really embarrassing and hurtful comments because he somewhat disliked the ad copy I wrote for a client. He got really mad upon learning that I was able to do only half of the task. Most of my officemates heard the rants so its major bembang moment.

My boss  talked to me and got angry at 2pm and demanded that i finish the work at 3pm.
As I am writing this, the storm is over. After a while , my boss who is really kind and consdierate said sorry naman. After all, he never mentioned that he needs it urgently and I have so many other tasks that I thought was the priority. But I still feel bad,so bad that it feels like I can never recover from the embarrassment.

But of course, it's not true. If there's one thing I learn, it is that everything passes. As the saying goes- this too shall pass. I just hope nothing of that sort happen to me or to anybody again. This is one of those times when i feel like quitting work. But I know it is a very immature act. Maybe i am just so worried and tired these days that it is affecting my work. I am also kinda sick, down with the colds and flu that never seem to go away.

One happy thought- I am again reminded that I have nice and sympathetic co-workers who feels bad when something like this happens to any of us and who are always willing to offer help and kind words of encouragement.

Hope I can rest well over the weekend.



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