Updates on Paypal Withdrawal Through Credit Card

I once made a post about withdrawing paypal money through Citibank card and I said that it is pretty fast and convenient. Well I am taking back my words now. I made the post and the conclusion because the paypal transaction was indeed fast, meaning paypal transferred my money to my credit card account within days and the Citibank officer told me that the overpayment cheque I requested will be delivered to my billing address after a week.


Well, that is where the problem begins. Once the credit card gets hold of your paypal money, withdrawing becomes a pain. Most of the problem stems from the lousy customer service. Many agents are clueless about paypal and some would say that they did something for your account but then would discover later that they did not.


The first Citibank officer I talked to said that he had transferred my request for an overpayment cheque and asked me to wait for seven days until it is delivered. But alas after two weeks of waiting, I made a follow up and the new Citibank officer said that my request for an overpayment cheque was not processed at all. So she requested it again for me and asked me to wait again. Well guess what- another two weeks passed and still no cheque came. I made another call and the agent now is just requesting me to use my Citibank card so my paypal money will then be treated as payment.


I am frustrated and a bit angry so I did just that. I gave up on the overpayment cheque and just use my card to shop for things I want. So to sum it all up, withdrawing paypal money through Citibank card is definitely not an option for me right now. It is also tiring that I have to explain to each Citibank officer I talked to what paypal is and where did that money came from.




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