Let Us All Support the RH Bill

I am posting this video to show that I support the “Reproductive Health” bill. I hope the President would make it a priority to implement it as our country and the people badly need it.

Be In Style Even While On Duty

Nursing is one of those professions where comfort is given much importance than class/elegance. Thus explains the flat shoes, no-nonsense and loose nursing scrubs. Nurses are required to dress as plainly as possible- minimal accessories, light make-up, no manicure/pedicure and simple hairstyle. But of course it doesn’t mean that one can go around the hospital looking like a rag.

It is a good thing that there is a company that supplies designer nursing uniforms- the They provide beautiful nursing scrubs in different designs that are guaranteed to make one feel beautiful while performing a noble duty. And in spite of the high quality, the price is affordable.

As most nurses are pretty busy, made it easy for them as one can conveniently order online. They also offer a money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers. To all nurses who want to feel good by wearing cool nursing uniforms, check out for stylish and cheap scrubs.

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