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Group buying sites are one of the in things nowadays. And since I am someone who dig freebies and discounts; it’s no surprising that I am a member of three group-buying sites.


Most of the deals offer huge discounts, some as much as 80% off so it is tempting to grab the offer. Though of course, it is still advisable for one to be careful in purchasing deals. One should first weigh if the deal (even with the discount) is really something they need or just something they want. I think it is easy to be a compulsive shopper in group buying sites. One should also read the terms and conditions of every deal carefully to see if the deal would really give them their money’s worth.


I have purchased deals from two of the three sites I joined so I would like to share a short feedback here in my personal blog. This is the first group-buying site I joined, but I haven’t purchased any deal from them yet. This is because I find most of their deals expensive. Some are hotel and resort packages that are available for four pax. Their deals also require a number of buyers before the deal will be available. They offer referral credits though and also hold contests from time to time where members can win cool prizes. Of the three group-buying sites that I joined, I think is the best. Their deals are varied from expensive to cheap. Users also get money credits for every purchase which they can used to purchase new deals. They also offer lots of options for one to pay. They also have a referral program and users will get Php100 credit once the invited friend purchased a deal. I invited my husband to join and he purchased a deal but the Php100 is still not credited to my account. They said they are still verifying the purchase. I also don’t like their voucher because I would be ashamed to give it as a gift as the name ensogo would be there. I wish they can provide a voucher that hides the name of their site. 


one personal blog you may want to visit: Henrik Stigell They also have exciting deals and many are affordable. I like the fact that they offer an option for users who doesn’t have a printer. Metrodeals offer an option where one can simply take note of the voucher code instead of printing them. They seem to have a referral program too but I can’t find a link in my account on how I can send an invitation. 


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