Is June 13, 2011 a Holiday?

It's a rainy Wednesday afternoon and once again, here I am wishing it's already Friday. I am pretty sure that majority of my officemates are thinking the same thing. In fact, I think that almost all of the Filipinos who are at work or at school today are wishing that tomorrow is a rest day. And true enough, a keyword that is trending in Yahoo search today seems to prove my earlier statement.

I checked Yahoo Philippines site today and saw that the keyword "june 13, 2011 holiday" is trending. It means many Filipinos are hoping for a one day off at work next week. It should have been another long weekend- an opportunity to spend quality time with my daughter and hubby and get that much needed R and R. But alas- the current Philippine president is KJ (lol).

I did my own research and found out that June 13, 2011 is a regular working day. Apparently, MalacaƱang announced that Sunday, June 12, 2011 will remain a regular holiday (113th Independence Day) and that it will not be moved to Monday, June 13.

Deputy presidential spokesperson Abigail Valte said, "We have holidays that were moved to the nearest Monday but there were also some not moved primarily because these celebrations are meant to stay on that day. June 12 was not moved."

Oh well, I just have to wait for the June 20 holiday then.


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