Jose Rizal 150 Year After

 I have always been amazed by Jose Rizal's intelligence and achievements. In college, there is a 3-unit subject that is dedicated to Rizal. In UP, the subject is called P.I. 100 during my time. The course sounds funny but it is actually not an easy one. Our teacher gave us tons of reading assignments- poems and essays of Rizal. All of Riza'ls works are really worth reading. I particularly like the essay entitled: Philippines 100 Years Hence and the one that talks about the laziness of the Filipinos.

There was no work or school yesterday because the National Historical Commission requested that the President Aquino declare the 150th birthday of our National Hero a holiday. Good thing the President listened. I think it is just right for today's youth to be more aware of Rizal as it is a great source of Pinoy pride other than Pacquiao and Charice.

Anyway one of the reasons why this date is significant to me is because it seemed to have awaken my passion for stamp collecting. You see I have a small stamp collection before. This hobby is quite boring really so its been years since I last bought a stamp. However it is nevertheless interesting so I want to buy the 150 years of Rizal stamp tomorrow and hopefully revive my stamp collecting hobby




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