Lunar Eclipse

A lot of people and things seems weird today. For one, my boss just decided to cancel our company outing again! We are all disappointed because we are all set to do it tomorrow. Besides it was supposed to be a summer company outing and it is almost July. Also, a client I hated started asking about the terms and conditions of the project we did for them when they  had already approved it before.

On second thought, none of the things I mentioned are really weird. But one of my officemate commented that those are probably an effect of the lunar eclipse that happened yesterday.

It was an exaggeration and I never believed on claims that an eclipse has a great effect on people's actions. But I do agree that an eclipse is an extraordinary occurrence and I always want to see it.

For some reason though, I am clueless that there is a lunar eclipse last night and so I missed it. Anyway it's not so hard to miss as  the peak happened at 4:12 am- I am in a dreamland then. It began at 1:24 am, peaked at 4:12 am and turned red at around 5 AM.

Reports said that the deep lunar eclipse that was seen in Manila and other parts of the country was the the longest in more than a decade.

This eclipse is different from the rest because the moon color turned blood red when it
usually turns brown . According to experts, it is caused by the amount of ash in the Earth's atmosphere.

The June 16, 2011 total lunar eclipse was the first of two such eclipses this year. The second lunar eclipse is expected to take place on December 10th.


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