Sad Love Quotes

I am making this post now because of one of my officemates just watched a romantic movie and started ranting about how sad his love life is (again!).

Suddenly he is mindful of every love song that is played in the radio and how the lyrics suits him so well. To make matters worse, he also started posting sad love quotes in his Facebook wall. It is not the first time he had done that and I quite admire the fact that he is not afraid to express himself. Even if it would mean brutal teasing from my other officemates.

You see every time he post cheesy messages on FB, most of my office mates started wondering about his true gender preference. Well I just find it funny and weird especially because of all the people in our office, I seem to be his favorite confidant. He loves sharing to me his love life  and love thoughts. And I always tell him that I am quite a gay magnet. I have lots of gay friends in high school and he doesn't seem to mind.

I know this post is quite nonsense, just really want to write and share. And maybe I will also share to him this Twitter account that post nice love song quotes.



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