Who is Erik Spoelstra?

I am not really into basketball. If there are times when I become fascinated with the sport, it is just because I got influenced either by my classmates, former dorm mates or relatives who are basketball fans.

Well I have become a fan of San Miguel team back in elementary days but I don't really follow and watch all of the games.

In high school, I got hooked in Chicago Bulls for a while because of a cousin who is always talking about Michael Jordan. And in college, I got interested in basketball because of UAAP. I lost interest quickly because unfortunately the UP maroon team is always losing.

This time though, I became interested with the fight between Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks. Most of my guy officemates followed the games and placed their bets on their chosen team.

My husband likes Miami Heat and so I watched the game hoping they will win. What makes them more likeable is the fact that their head coach, Erik Spoelstra has a Filipino blood. As so many Filipinos tuned in this NBA championship, I am not surprised to see his name included in the most searched list of Yahoo Philippines these days. He is said to be the first Filipino American head coach in the NBA and the first Filipino-American head coach of any North American professional sports team.
To those who want to know more about Erik Spoelstra, click here.

Even if Miami Heat lost, I still support them because of their coach that makes me proud as a Filipino. Nevertheless, I don't think my fascination with basketball will ever reach a higher level because Miami Heat lost the championship to Dallas.


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