Captain America 2011 Movie Review

I just saw Captain America last night at the Gateway Mall with my husband. I am not really looking forward to this movie but my husband wants to see it so I went along. 

Well I think the first hour is quite boring. I don't find the Captain America actor (Chris Evans) effective enough. The movie is set in 1942 during the Second World War and Captain America became a symbol of hope for the American people. It's a typical superhero movie but there is something lacking. I think Captain America and his issues or emotions are not given much attention. The relationships of the actors in the story are not emphasized so I did not feel the strong friendship between Captain America and his soldier friend who died. And also, I certainly  did not feel the spark between Captain America and his love interest. Maybe that is the reason why I would rate this film as average. But I am amazed at the transformation of Captain America from the skinny guy to a total hunk- it looks so real. I also have high expectations since other movies from Marvel superheroes are way better.

But the best part of Captain America is the ending. At the end, Captain wakes up in an unfamiliar room. Apparently he is already in the modern world as he was asleep for 70 years. 

And the part that excites me the most is the trailer of the Avengers! For those who are planning to watch Captain America: wait for the after credits. It is the best part of the movie.

The Avengers (official teaser trailer after... by mediafreaks3d


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