Dinner at ClawDaddy

After the laser tag game with my officemates, we all ate dinner at ClawDaddy resto still at  Centris Mall. We are a large group so we occupied one long table. Our boss and some of my other officemates who are sitting near them made all the order. We just ordered our drinks and waited for the food which I find cool and convenient.

Anyhow, once the food arrives, it became clear to me that it is definitely a night for pigging out. First order arrived: there were two kinds of pizza for all of us to try. Sorry I don’t know the name but both are thin crust and yummy.

Then the buffalo wings arrived next and it tastes great too. I especially love the dip and the mojos. It is a must-try as they taste much better than the wings and mojos of other restos.

We also tried the Clawdaddy's famous seafood boil, a seafood feast of crab, rock lobster, fresh water prawns, mussels, clams, andouille sausage, corn on a cob and baby potatoes simmered in Clawdaddy's seafood broth. I almost didn’t go to this office activity, thank God I changed my mind.

I am already so full when the two kinds of spaghetti and smoked baby back ribs arrived but I still ate in gusto.

Apart from the fact that everything is delicious, I also think the service is good so this restaurant is a must-try.


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