Laser Tag Experience at Centris Walk

My boss planned a small interactive activity for the company last July 1. We wanted to watch a movie but my boss thinks it doesn’t have a team-building quality so he suggested a laser tag game. I have no idea what laser tag is and so are most of my office-mates but they explained that is a like a paintball game.

So we all trooped down to Centris Walk in Quezon Avenue one Friday night. It was my first time at Centris Mall and I love this place. I hope I can bring my family here some time.

We went straight to the laser tag area where we inquired about the rates and so. One game that requires a minimum of 12 persons costs Php170. After paying, we were led to an area where we watched a more or less 5-minute presentation about the rules of the game.  There are so many rules like no sitting, no running, etc, which one is likely to forget while playing.

After that, we went to another room where we put on the laser tag guns which are quite heavy. There is a locker area where one can leave belongings but it is not safe as the lockers have no lock at all.

Then we entered this dark area where we will play the game. The area is not that spacious and the game started seconds after we entered. It was quite fun, like playing hide and seek sort of game but it is not for me. Our game was girls vs boys and so we tag each other using the laser guns like kids.

Each time I commit a violation like not holding my gun properly or even sitting down, my laser gun becomes inactive. And each time someone gets to tag me (which is a lot), their code name appears in my laser gun screen. Yup, each laser gun has an assigned code name which you must remember so you will know your scores later on.

For me it is an improved and high tech version of the paintball game. It is indoor so it removes all the inconveniences of the paintball game which includes playing in an open field and being hit by a ball of paint which may leave you dirty.

Well I think it is good teambuilding activity, but I swear next time my company invites me to this kind of game again, I am not going. Don’t get me wrong; it is worth a try but it is not for me who had always loved boring stuff.


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